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In our quest to fight and prevent fire outbreak, we won the bid to supply the Evac+Chair Emergency Evacuation Chair to Bank of Ghana. This is to anble them to evacuate physically challended individuals out of the building with easy and safe.

The Evac+Chair Emergency Evacuation Chair enables the safe, controlled evacuation of people with mobility impairments in emergency situations down a flight of stairs. This can be achieved with only a single operator. The 300H MK5 Evac+Chair provide improved functionality whilst maintaining the same easy operation.

The chair features a safety belt, a forehead restraint for optional use, and a sling-style seat to ensure the passenger is sitting back in the chair and cannot be tipped forward. The Emergency Evacuation Chair’s wheels (redesigned, and strengthened for increased stability) are supported by specially designed friction belts which ensure the chair does not slip or accelerate too quickly while descending a flight of stairs. The distribution of the chair’s weight and load ensures that the descent is smooth and comfortable for both the user and the operator.

  • Ideal for areas such as offices, care settings, hotels, entertainment venues, and hospitals
  • Single person operation with double handed anti-slip grip for improved stability
  • For use on regular stairs (28° – 40°) with a maximum passenger load of 400lbs / 182kg
  • Upgraded kickstand with re-positioned wheels, distributes weight more evenly
  • Padded material and enhanced safety belt for user comfort
  • Provided with photoluminescent signs, hooks for wall mounting, and dust cover to protect the evacuation chair
  • Supplied with simplified graphical instructions and user guide


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Installation Of Various Buoys

Delivery And Installation Of Various Buoys And Accessories
23rd March, 2022 in  Ghana Gas | Buoys.